Business Funding Options to Help Achieve Your Goals


Every business has its own unique challenges, opportunities, and objectives. Pioneer Capital Group recognizes “one size” does not fit all. Our approach to business financing identifies the best sources of capital to maximize your business funding.  Pioneer Capital Group enables you to leverage asset-backed and uncollateralized business financing products from multiple traditional and nontraditional business finance resources.

Whether you operate as a business-to-consumer (B2C) merchant, are in an industry with large inventories, have fixed assets, own real estate or are a tenant, finding the business credit solution that’s right for your operation is key to your success. Let Pioneer Capital Group help you explore the breadth of commercial financing solutions available.

Pioneer Capital Group’s offerings includes; $10,000 to $500,000 in uncollateralized working capital, asset-based lending that leverages your inventory, equipment, or invoices for $50,000 to $5,000,000, and commercial real estate loans to purchase or refinance property.

Business finance is complex.

Who is providing your business finance and capitalization guidance?

Your lawyer helps you mitigate risk. Your accountant helps with business reporting and tax obligations. Banks can helps with bank-specific products ONLY.  So, who do you turn to identify, help analyze and source funding options for your business? Pioneer Capital Group offers business financing and capitalization consulting services as part of all of our engagements. We help you put a plan together that best meets your current requirements and that positions your business to better meet your future plans and objectives. Pioneer Capital Group works with the traditional and non-traditional finance and capital resources, and we are compensated only if we’re successful in securing business funding on your behalf.

Working Capital Solutions

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Asset-Based Business Financing Solutions

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