What happens when you work for a global marketing agency and burn out? You quit. Then start your own agency, on your terms, with your own clients. Sounds easy? Guess what, it’s not.

You grow organically through word of mouth because clients love your work. But cash flow management pulls you away from what you enjoy: creating continuous content for your clients.

The Cash Flow Challenge

Your clients vary in size – some are big consumer brands, some are small. The smaller firms tend to pay net 15-30 days, while larger ones can push out payment to 90 days. It’s challenging to manage the different payment cycles, but you’ve been able to handle it so far. Recently one of your largest clients extends payment beyond the 90 days. Ouch. You still need to meet deadlines/ pay overhead.

Despite being a long-time client, your bank says you’re ineligible for a loan. A friend recommends Pioneer Capital, an alternative financer. “What’s alternative financing,” you wonder. But you call them.

Expedited Business Financing

There are several surprises working with Pioneer.

  • First, it’s easy. Pioneer guides you through the application process.
  • Second, it’s fast. You get the money within days.
  • Third, the financing, while not inexpensive, is tailored to the size of your business. And, payments are automatically deducted from your account so you don’t obsess over it.

Fast forward to a couple of years later. You’ve expanded to a new vertical and need financing. Pioneer is your first call. It’s easier this time because you know what to expect and you prefer fast, high-touch, flexible financing to the run-around. Relieved to tap into this financing when you need it, you know that your clients will have constant, quality communication.

Signed a women-owned and operated marketing agency out of the NYC metro area