Learn Microsoft Excel with this Excel video tutorial for beginners

By the end of this project, you will learn how to create an Excel Spreadsheet by using a free version of Microsoft Office Excel. Most, though not quite all, terms and jargon are explained. The clearly-labeled screenshots help immensely with the clarity. The book is very accurate and this reviewer found no errors. I felt we could take portions of the text and use them without having to use a whole chapter or the whole text. The videos, exercises, and tests could also be pulled out and use as stand alone resources which is a big plus in computer classes.

This book is comprehensive for Excel beginners from non-STEM major. It also includes instructions for Mac user, which is very useful for students using Mac. The examples and practice problems are largely related to financial and career decision making.

Microsoft Excel 2019 Beginners

This book is comprehensive and well-organized with detailed explanations and screenshots. Practice exercises at the end of each chapter are well presented with datasets, leading students to Microsoft Excel 2019 Lessons check their understanding and review what they learned. All chapters are connected smoothly so that students happen to acquire solid knowledge by the time they finish reading the book.

Microsoft Excel 2019 Lessons

This book is a fairly comprehensive overview of Excel for beginning students. I would like to see an expansion of the functions and formulas to include a few more commonly used functions and formulas. It would also be helpful to include a chapter on how Excel is used for reporting in the workplace and how to create a dashboard using the charts in Excel.

What you’ll learn

The terminology is extremely basic and clear which again makes this textbook ideal for both the novice or the more advanced learner to use as a reference source. I also particularly like the starter files and the links used to access the starter files really blending the chapter material to actual worksheets. There are downloadable data files for the student to practice each skill. It is comprehensive and covers a wide spectrum of important spreadsheet software topics. I was a little disappointed that this book does not include a table of contents nor does it include a glossary. This book covers the basics of Microsoft Excel 2016.

Microsoft Excel 2019 Lessons

The students however need to be reminded that as the version of Excel changes, the pictures of actual pulldown menus or tabs might look different. But, that is common with any textbook that deals with a software tool. The textbook uses Windows 7 and Excel 2010 which are not the current versions of either, so modifications would be necessary for some sections of the text. With some modifications along with additional supplemental materials, students could complete the chapters and assignments from this text regardless of the version of Windows or Excel being used.

How much experience do I need to do this Guided Project?

Its been an amazing experience would recommend to anyone who wishes… Enhance your proficiency with essential Excel operations, including cutting, copying, and pasting data and working with formulas. Learn to manage sheets effectively, create and edit charts, and employ intermediate features like range names and data filtering.

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