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Pioneer Capital Group helps businesses like yours to:

Fund an expansion

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Retire outstanding
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Purchase supplies

Recoup business
startup costs

Pioneer Capital Group

Getting the Right Financing Solution with Minimal Requirements

Pioneer Capital Group, with over 30 years of financing experience, is dedicated to providing your business with the professional and reliable financing your business needs.

We work with small and mid-sized businesses looking for short-term capital (3-36 months). We can fund across the US and in most industries.

Our financing products are based on your business’s future revenues. This allows us to provide you with capital with minimal requirements quickly. In addition, our financing is designed to fit your budget and minimizes the impact on your cash flow.


Our Financing Options:

Revenue Advance

Revenue Based Cash Advance, our core product that quickly provides short term capital (3-36 months)

Lines of Credit

Get ongoing funds, and only pay for what you draw

Equipment Financing

Purchase the equipment you need over time

Bridge Financing

Fast, interim capital for the purchase of assets before permanent financing can be obtained

Account Receivables Financing

Unlock the revenue in your unpaid invoices

SBA & Term Loans

Longer term financing for business acquisition, working capital, the purchase of commercial real estate.

To qualify, you MUST have:

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